Four Paws Dog Rescue 

   Helping dogs in need everywhere
We are a group of dedicated dog lovers  that have worked in dog rescue for many years, we have worked with other rescues in the past,  but recently (2017) we got the opportunity to start our own dog rescue, our mission is to  help and re-home any unwanted dog in our area and surrounding areas that comes into our care, we also offer a lifetime  of support  to  help and  advise should it ever be needed.

Our rescue will also be in memory of a very dedicated, passionate lady that helped us help thousands of dogs get a second chance in life, this lady is Bernie Leigh.

 'Four paws  dog rescue'
in loving memory of this Doggy guardian angel. 
Help us to help our rescue dogs. Every penny counts, whether you can donate just a few pence, or setup a regular monthly donation, our dogs will be grateful!

We use PayPal to securely process donations and all funds raised go diretly towards helping our rescue dogs.

Please use the Donate button above to help us support our rescue dogs.
About The Four Paws Dog Rescue
We are a very small rescue, with a very big heart, and great ambition to make it a better world for as many dogs as we possibly can.
The four paws dog rescue is a  rescue that believes in saving and re-homing as many unwanted, abandoned dogs as we can.

Our mission statement is “every dog deserves love”

Our dogs rely heavily on the  continued support and generosity of our followers/supporters.

Many of the dogs we take in are from the dog warden, but equally we do take dogs in from people who find they have to sign their pet over for whatever reason, If we have the space we will endevour to help.

We have a microchipping service and chip checking service, were we will scan your dog to make sure the chip is still where it should be and that the details are up to date. 

Sadly like most rescues, we have very high veterinary bills, kenneling costs etc.
Due to these ever increasing costs we are constantly trying to raise funds.

As part of our fundraising we also have an Amazon wish list
were we have the most wanted items listed to help  the dogs get recognised whilst out walking  and to keep them entertained and cosy.

We also have a Pay Pal account where you can send  donations. This is   [email protected]  

There is nothing more heartwarming than seeing one of our 'fur babies' going to his/her new, happy, loving home with a yappy 'woof' and wagging tail. 
But sadly, sometimes things do change,  they don't settle or something goes wrong, but dont panic!
We at  The four paws dog rescue will give as much back-up and support as we possibly can and will advise on the next move.     
Just call us as soon as you can for an immediate response. 
We are currently fundraising for a new kennel block, click here to donate!
Meet The Team
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
The Four Paws Team and Volunteers at some of our recent fundraising events